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Dear Valued Customer,

All proceeds from the winter sale go to benefit the students. The students of AgriScience advertise, create and sell the products. They are very happy to bring you the highest quality. They thank you in advance for your support.

During this time of covid we will be doing contactless pickup, all products will be located by the AgriScience Department at GHS on a table. The product will have your name on it. It will be labeled and your products will have a tag on them indicating which ones are yours.

Our pickup dates are after 2pm on:

November 24 and December 4
December 11 and 18

Our pickup location: Glastonbury High School Greenhouse, AgriScience

You will be emailed that your order will be ready 24 hours prior to pickup. Orders received less than 24hours prior to a scheduled pickup date will have to be picked up the following Friday. As we are students operating on half capacity at best, we are asking for your courtesy.

Some products have been scaled to accommodate the covid learning environment. Boxwoods and candle centerpiece are only offered in one size. And, customization of products is limited this year.

Still, we are very glad to offer you a robust sale of Winter Sale items. Again, we thank you for your support. Students are working very diligently during this time to ensure we meet your needs.

Many Thanks,
Glastonbury AgriScience